What is included in the Penis Pal Kit?
The Penis Pal kit comes complete with the Penis Pal including the tension expansion rods, a comfort pad, a methods booklet and instructional DVD.

How exactly does it work?
The Penis Pal extender device works by applying a constant amount of stretching tension on the penis shaft over a set time frame. The penis shaft is stretched by a method the device uses called “Penile Traction” which is the science behind device. This pain free system is well documented with 90% of its users experiencing absolutely no discomfort at all. The tension distributed by the device can be changed at any time to vary the amount of tension while you are wearing it. We only recommend that you have the tension set to where you find it comfortable, if you find the level of discomfort is high then you likely have the tension set too high, and should decrease it to where it is comfortable.

What is it like to wear?
The Penis Pal, when set right, is very comfortable to wear and you will pleasantly happy to know that it is possible to wear the device when you are out and about, it is designed to be worn under your clothes and to be very discreet. You should also be able to wear it while you sleep.

How to fit the device to my body?
You will be surprised to hear that using the PENIS PAL extender is both comfortable and easy to use. The first thing you would need to do is fit the necessary spring loaded tension bars to your penis size, then place your penis through the hole in the base, then your penis lays on top of the holding plate. You then secure the head of your penis in place with the holding band. Once it’s in place you adjust the tension of the device to your comfort level by rotating the adjustable tension rods a quarter turn at a time until you can feel s slight pulling. Remember if you put too much tension on it will begin to hurt, if this happens simply wind the tension rods back the other way until the discomfort subsides.

How do I buy a Penis Pal?
Purchasing a Penis Pal is very easy to do and very secure using your credit card. If you do not have a credit card we have a number of alternative payment options, these are different depending on your country, to see what is available to you simply go through the order process as normal, but when you reach the payment page, near the bottom of the page you will see some further options, these are the alternate payment options available to you.
Penis Pals are sent worldwide from our distribution centre in New Zealand, via one a three shipping options depending on your country and the amount you want to pay for shipping, this includes a free Airmail option.

What guarantees do I get with the product?
There is a limited guarantee with the Penis Pal, if it is defective or broken when you receive it, we will send you another device free of charge. However if you feel it is not for you and you want to return it, unfortunately due to health reasons we cannot accept returns of sexual devices. If this happens to you and you feel you are in this position please email us and we will find a suitable alternative.

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